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Visuel Vase Pluvia
Visuel Vase Pluvia

Vase Pluvia

Designer : Michele De Lucchi

Editor : Produzione Privata
Creation date : 1997
Production release : Production stopped

Materials : Cast iron vase, glass base

Height (cm) : 36
Diameter (cm) : 23

Further information :
- Vase produced in Milan (Italy)
- This vase is no longer in production

Further information
Visuel Vase Pluvia

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Visuel Vase Pluvia


The contrast between the transparent frosted glass base, which retains its lightness, and the heavy conical cast iron bowl is the formal theme of this vase. The vase is finished by hand in order to preserve the characteristics of the material.

“When I started thinking about the Pluvia vase, we were like many other times in the garden. We wanted a vase that was weatherproof and strong enough to contrast with the exuberant vegetation in the background and against the violent storms of the lake. It was the first time I thought of making an all-cast iron object: a material that used to be widely used outdoors and is now making a strong comeback. It also reminded me of garden furniture, but I wanted it to be modern, not with an outdated feature. I only saw two strong shapes and then I had the slightly crazy idea of fixing the glass. I wanted an invisible base that gives the impression of a heavy and resistant body, resting on almost nothing, confronting the materiality of cast iron with the immateriality of glass. I presented these vases for the first time at a watercolour exhibition at the Maulbronn museum in Germany and it was raining a lot that day…”. It was very difficult to find qualified craftsmen. Small craftsmen are not willing to maintain the waste of defective parts created in order to keep the glass as thin as possible. Large foundries, on the other hand, do not want to stop their machines and waste time for seven or eight vases. Even if a very precise mold has been made, the emerging parts differ from each other and it is impossible to avoid waste. The piece is relatively large and very deep and the cast iron contracts a lot when it is cooled, so that the shapes tend to lose their geometry. Michele De Lucchi, 1997.

Michele De Lucchi

Italian designer (1951 - )

Michele De Lucchi (1951) was born in Ferrara, Italy. During the 80’s he designed lamps and furniture for the most important Italian and European companies. Whether it is an object, a piece of furniture or a graphic design, his approach to the project is – global and transversal – in order to determine an integrated architectural system. “Produzione Privata” is the brand of objects and furniture made in collaboration with craft companies. For Unifor, in particular, he designed the MDL, Secretello and Hatch system.

After graduating in architecture in Florence, he consolidated his working relationship with Olivetti in the 1980s thanks to Ettore Sottsass, who had entrusted De Lucchi with the design project for office furniture systems for the Synthesis division. The Tolomeo table lamp, designed for Artemide in 1987, earned him his first Oro-ADI Compass. The second will be awarded to him for the Olivetti’s Artjet 10 printer. In recent years, he has developed numerous architectural projects, both private and public, and has organized major exhibitions.