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Visuel Vase Hero
Visuel Vase Hero

Vase Hero

Designer : Michele De Lucchi

Editor : Produzione Privata
Creation date : 2001
Production release : 2005

Materials : Hand-blown glass, metal base. Colour: black.

Height (cm) : 32
Diameter (cm) : 18

Further information :
- Part of the Vasi H collection.

Further information
Visuel Vase Hero
Visuel Vase Hero


“… I came into contact with hand-blown glass for the first time with Luciano Vistosi, a Murano glass artist who owned a lamp factory and asked me to design it. While working on the Vega lamp, I began to appreciate the colour, transparency and materiality of the glass. After that, I designed other glass objects for Memphis and Cleto Munari. But my first real glass object is the one I designed for Produzione Privata because it comes from a more intimate relationship and a broader notion of the essence of glass and especially of the historical culture and locality of Murano…”

Michele De Lucchi was and still is captivated by the charm of this island in the middle of the lagoon where all the mouth-blown glassmakers were sent in 1291; working with open ovens, they had burned Venice several times.

Michele De Lucchi

Italian designer (1951 - )

Michele De Lucchi (1951) was born in Ferrara, Italy. During the 80’s he designed lamps and furniture for the most important Italian and European companies. Whether it is an object, a piece of furniture or a graphic design, his approach to the project is – global and transversal – in order to determine an integrated architectural system. “Produzione Privata” is the brand of objects and furniture made in collaboration with craft companies. For Unifor, in particular, he designed the MDL, Secretello and Hatch system.

After graduating in architecture in Florence, he consolidated his working relationship with Olivetti in the 1980s thanks to Ettore Sottsass, who had entrusted De Lucchi with the design project for office furniture systems for the Synthesis division. The Tolomeo table lamp, designed for Artemide in 1987, earned him his first Oro-ADI Compass. The second will be awarded to him for the Olivetti’s Artjet 10 printer. In recent years, he has developed numerous architectural projects, both private and public, and has organized major exhibitions.