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Visuel Vase Amnesia A42
Visuel Vase Amnesia A42

Vase Amnesia A42

Designer : Andrea Branzi

Editor : Design Gallery Milano
Creation date : 1991

Materials : Turned aluminium.

Height (cm) : 28,5
Diameter (cm) : 13

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Visuel Vase Amnesia A42
Visuel Vase Amnesia A42


Some forms of vases have reach us since ancient China and still exist today. Around this universal object, Andrea Branzi never stops inventing different narratives. Vases punctuate the course of his career. Vases Amnesia, Wood and Silver, Jointed Glass, Uomini e Fiori, Bosco, Portali or Enzimi, are a support for new stories without denying their function. But can one really call function, the custom of collecting cut flowers? Useful, useless, what may seem useless has a value, however. Uselessness is often a sign of attention.

Andrea Branzi

Italian designer (1938 - )

Architect, designer and theoretician, Andrea Branzi (born in Florence) has lived and worked in Milan since 1973. A founding member of the Archizoom group in 1966, he joined experimental industrial design studios (Alchimia and then Memphis) in the late 1960s. Co-founder of Global Tools (1974), then of the Domus Academy (1983), he continues his teaching activity at the Politecnico di Milano. Andrea Branzi’s intense critical activity led him, from 1983 to 1987, to direct the magazine Modo and publish numerous books (La Casa calda, 1982; Animali domestici: le stile neo-primitivo, 1986; Nouvelles de la m├ętropole froide, 1991 and Il design italiano 1964-1990 in 1996). In 1987, he was awarded the Golden Compass for his entire career. Andrea Branzi’s projects are regularly exhibited throughout the world, such as at the Fondation Cartier (Paris) in 2008.