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Visuel Kettle Mama-ò
Visuel Kettle Mama-ò

Kettle Mama-ò

Designer : Andrea Branzi

Editor : Alessi
Creation date : 1988 (Project), 1992 (Production)

Materials : 18/10 stainless steel and polyamide, with handle, caps and melodic whistle.

Height (cm) : 21,5
Diameter (cm) : 20
Capacity (cl) : 190

Further information :
- Alessi reference: 90032 - Officina Collection
- La Tavola di Babele - Part of the IMA collections
- Indianapolis Museum of Art (United States)

Further information
Visuel Kettle Mama-ò
Visuel Kettle Mama-ò


The Italian publishing house Alessi is demonstrating their interest in the tableware gallery project currently being set up by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Bordeaux, by donating a set of more than 150 pieces presented as part of the exhibition “Alessi. Utile et ustensiles”. Among these objects: the Mama-ò kettle by Andrea Branzi.

Andrea Branzi

Italian designer (1938 - )

Architect, designer and theoretician, Andrea Branzi (born in Florence) has lived and worked in Milan since 1973. A founding member of the Archizoom group in 1966, he joined experimental industrial design studios (Alchimia and then Memphis) in the late 1960s. Co-founder of Global Tools (1974), then of the Domus Academy (1983), he continues his teaching activity at the Politecnico di Milano. Andrea Branzi’s intense critical activity led him, from 1983 to 1987, to direct the magazine Modo and publish numerous books (La Casa calda, 1982; Animali domestici: le stile neo-primitivo, 1986; Nouvelles de la métropole froide, 1991 and Il design italiano 1964-1990 in 1996). In 1987, he was awarded the Golden Compass for his entire career. Andrea Branzi’s projects are regularly exhibited throughout the world, such as at the Fondation Cartier (Paris) in 2008.