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Visuel Folding chair Umbrella
Visuel Folding chair Umbrella

Folding chair Umbrella

Designer : Gaetano Pesce

Editor : ZeroDesigno
Creation date : 1995
Production release : Produced until 1999

Materials : Anodized aluminium, propylene.

Length (cm) : 49
Width (cm) : 45
Height (cm) : 81

Further information :
- Part of Paris, MAD’s collections (Musée des Arts décoratifs)

Further information
Visuel Folding chair Umbrella
Visuel Folding chair Umbrella


The Umbrella chair can be switched from a cane function to a seat function at the touch of a button. Its metal tube structure, handle and polypropylene feet make for a very lightweight seat.

Winner of the Interior Design Magazine award in 1995, this folding chair has a molded polyurethane seat and handle. It looks like a folded umbrella until the button is pushed in and opens onto a chair. With original box and brochure. Made by ZeroDesigno.

Gaetano Pesce

Italian designer (1939 - )

Gaetano Pesce met with success as a designer in 1962 at his exhibition in Padua.

In 1969, he created one of his most important works “UP5 and UP6, Donna” also known as “La Mama from the Up armchairs series”. This work corresponds to the spirit of Pop art and refers to his preferences for anthropomorphic forms.
In 1986, he created the I Feltri armchair, launched in 1987, this armchair is still at the trend’s heart.
Gaetano Pesce marks his works with themes such as surprise, sensuality or generosity. In 1971, he collaborated with Bracciodi Ferro, a company of the Cassina group, in the production of avant-garde objects. In 1972, he participated in the exhibition “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape” in New York, where he presented a housing proposal. In 1983, he decided to settle in New York, after having lived for a long time in Paris. His creations are both functional and flashy, humorous and even shocking. Gaetano Pesce is one of the great masters of design. To date, his most famous architectural work is the Organic building in 1993 in Osaka: a building with facades covered by a vertical garden.