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Visuel 5 in 1 Glasses
Visuel 5 in 1 Glasses

5 in 1 Glasses

Designer : Joe Colombo

Editor : Progetti
Creation date : 1970 (Project)

Materials : Mouth blown glass.

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Visuel 5 in 1 Glasses
Visuel 5 in 1 Glasses


Designed by Joe Colombo, 5 IN 1 by Progetti is a set of 5 hand-blown glasses that intertwine. A cognac glass, a white wine glass, a red wine glass, a water glass and a grappa glass.

The size and shape of these glasses allow them to be inserted into each other, reducing storage space. Once stacked in this way, they form a transparent sculpture.

Joe Colombo

Italian designer (1930 - 1971)

Born in Milan in 1930, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, then attended the Faculty of Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, which he abandoned to manage his father’s company. In the early 1950s, he devoted himself to informal painting and joined the MAC, Mouvement d’Art Concret. In 1964, he won the In-Arch prize for the furnishing and decoration project of a hotel. Golden compass in 1967 and International Design Award in 1968, he created “Visiona 69”, a housing proposal for Bayer…