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Image : PAD London 2018

PAD London 2018

October 1st – October 7th 2018


For the next edition of PAD London 2018, Mouvements Modernes continues its work around the Neotu period, the first gallery founded by Pierre Staudenmeyer.

We will present a set of pieces by Martin Szekely, from the collection Pi to some iconic pieces as the Stoleru sofa, part of the Centre Georges Pompidou collection, as well as Garouste & Bonetti’s piece, the first lamp edited by Neotu in 1984. The design of these pieces, then so obvious, was promoted worldwide and became icons of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Mouvements Modernes continues its furniture editor activities by exhibiting, together with those mythic lines, young artists’ creations : Matthew Chambers with a specific commission of a set of 4 pieces, Fabien Petiot with a new console. The gallery also presents for the first time a glass sculpture by the french artist Nadège Degenétez, the beginning of a collaboration.
After receiving the Design awards at PAD Paris 2018, Alexandra Mocanu creates a new tapestry for us. Her works are impressions, tactile and pictural, poetical and technical, that reveal the particular synergy that an artist can bring to light with his medium.

Nourished by several influences, the artists presented by Mouvements Modernes explore the possibilities of materials, questioning our current trends, allowing the eye to continue to be surprised in front of new contemporaneousness. Through the prism of the material, they express the richness of contemporary creation, so proving the continuity of human creativity.