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Image : Mouvements Modernes at PAD Paris 2024

Mouvements Modernes at PAD Paris 2024

March 3TH - April 7TH 2024


Color of the night and symbol of death, black structures our wortdview. Historian Michel Pastoureau analyzes black as a cultural and social phenomenon and describes ils evolution throughout history in his writings.
For the 2024 edilion of PAO Paris, Mouvements Modernes focuses on questioning the use of black by artists and designers of the 2oth century and today. Once considered the color of hell, black has no! always been a negative hue. Throughout ils history, il has also been associated with fertility, temperance, and dignity. ln recent decades, il has corne to embody elegance and modernity. A key entry point into this analysis of color is a work by the artist Aurélie Galois, centered around rubber as ils support, pigment, and subject-black in all ils material and symbolic aspects.

“A color never cornes alone; il only makes sense, il only ‘works’ fully from a social, artistic, and symbolic point of view when il is associated or contrasted wilh one or more other colors. Therefore, il is impossible to consider il in isolation.” Following Michel Pastoureau’s perspective, the color gold will reveal and question black on the stand, featuring an absolute black piece by Martin Szekely contrasting with a golden bronze by Marion Mailaender, a cabinet, and a pair of lamps by Garouste and Bonetti playing wilh this association. The ceramics of Léontine Furcy and Michal Fargo will bring the softness of black in contras! wilh the brightness of a blown glass artwork appearing to be molten gold by Nadège Oesgenélez. Tim Leclabart and his side table Sagitarius A will offer a smoothing vision of this absolute black in space.

Finally, this new edition of PAO will be an opportunity to present Iwo new collaborations, one with Sam Baron and his enchanting and surreal plants blown by Venetian master glassmakers, and the other with Benoit Maire and his fumiture inspired by his residency al Villa Medici.

Black has always attracted artists and designers. Il absorbs light and reflects il. Il creates substance and allure. Il emphasizes the lines of a drawing. Black pairs with gold, creating a unique vibration for this powerful duo! ln a white setting, Mouvements Modernes will take you on an exploration of black through about fifteen pieces that reveal the intensity of this color.