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Image : Art and Matter

Art and Matter

June 7th – July 6th 2019


Mouvements Modernes settles for a month in the gallery of 54 rue Mazarine next June.

The opportunity for us to present more extensively the works of the artists who have recently joined the gallery: The Inner or Manifesto Landscapes of Italiano-Brazilian architect Daniela Busarello, an incredible glass sculpture by Nadège Desgenétez whose work will be the subject of our next fall solo show, the very astonishing reading lamp and table lamp Cosme by Constance Guisset, two Out of Frame sculptures by Mathias Kiss, as well as a series of stucco and straw marquetry tables by François Mascarello that will resonate with his silk work – Samarcande.

The work of these four artists will come to dialogue with the works of our ceramists, Armelle Benoit – with her sculpture tables and ceramic paintings, Matthew Chambers and his hypnotic sandstones, and Sejin Bae with his graphic works. The elegant Pli light series, the Biscuit sconces and the natural oak Branche console by the designer Fabien Petiot will confirm this exploration of the possibilities of materials and the wealth of contemporary creation that Mouvements Modernes has been defending since its beginnings.

The pieces of the Neotu period will not be left behind in these scenographies, with the majestic table Barbara by Garouste and Bonetti in 1988, a whimsical set of 7 vases each representing a country of the glassmaker Borek Sipek, Martin Székély’s cabinet Leone and a series of six Kolton chairs that revive a collaboration between Julio Villani who agreed to draw the embroidery of their seats as he did in 1988, year of creation of the chair by Pierre Staudenmeyer.

As he wished when he launched Mouvements Modernes in 2002 and as Sophie Mainier Jullerot so elegantly and rightly pursues it, more than 40 years of creation will be presented to you in the 4 spaces of Gallery 54 questioning the link between Art and Crafts in order to prove even more the continuity of human creativity.