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Image : Adèle - Chapter I - Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

Adèle - Chapter I - Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

October 17TH - October 25TH 2020

17 rue Commines - Paris

From the 17th to 25th of October 2020, coinciding with FIAC; Paris’s international contemporary art fair, Mouvements Modernes will have the pleasure of presenting the work of Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert. Beginning the fall of 2019 this new collaboration between the glass blower and gallery will take place over 600m2 in an ethereal, light flooded space in the heart of the Marais.

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, born in 1980 in Paris where he currently lives and works, is a French-American craftsman. A master glass blower who has spent over twenty years perfecting the freehand glass-blowing techniques accrued during a cosmopolitan apprenticeship between the United States and Europe from 1997 to 2007. It was during the final year when he decided to settle in France, dividing his time between working in hot-shops and participating in residencies, workshops and conferences. In 2015 Jeremy opened his own studio in a historical fine arts and crafts district of Paris and it is here wherewhere he produces all of his creations today.

Jeremy’s poetic journey is marked by a deep fundamental research of origins, the vital force from which one can create and recreate. It is with incessant questioning that he develops and nourishes his creativity in a deep and constant exchange. Jeremy is on a constant quest to reveal the primary expression of the material, to overcome all forms of subjectivity and to reveal the omnipresence of the energy we share with life. Jeremy’s desire is to provide a vector for this energy, for the viewer to experience this greater connection with the universe. After The Beginning, a trilogy of works that has us question the source of the universe and life, Adèle will have the audience live or relive the experience of coming into the world and our first discovery of light.

The exhibition will see the visitor experience the artists sculptural work through four monumental installations, extending an invitation to immerse oneself in the energy of matter. Two Matter, each composed of around fifty disks, will welcome the visitor to the space. The circular forms sublimate the process of crystallization in the original material, capturing the memory of movement and allowing the audience to visualise the vibrations in the matter. The accumulation of these elements over a span of several meters will immerse the viewer in a sensorial experience of light. It is in this turbid, almost fluid like environment that the visitor will be able to witness the living in glass. . The energy and continuous movement of life is expressed in Gravity Ripples. Evoking the original energy of the Big Bang that continues to animate and organize the universe in perpetual evolution, the work also contains the transformative energy of glass, one which oscillates between liquid and solid state, perpetuated by the movement of the breath. The cives also retain the movement memory of their manufacturing process, Impregnated by the centrifugal force of their creation. In three closed rooms, Principles is an expression of what could be the formation of the elementary laws linked to our experiences. Crossing space and time it organises our living memory and leads us to reexperience the matter.

Taming the untamable, sculpting liquid, restoring mobility to the immobile, this is what Jeremy works day after day. He brings us this show to experiment with this material both physically and internally and experience the glass as he has, for all these years.